Product Reviews

Here at Mrs. Undomestic, we're PR friendly! I would love to review and give away your products! I do have a few requirements:

Product Reviews:

1. I must receive a full size of the product to test. I will not pay for the product or shipping.

2. I will give a thorough and honest review of your product within 30 days of receiving a product unless you request a quicker time. I will not change my review, but upon request I will provide you with a draft of my review so that you may respond to any issues prior to posting.

3. Each review will include a link to your website (or a website of your choosing) along with any Facebook pages and Twitter accounts if you want.


Product Reviews often make more of an impact when you combine it with a giveaway! Here the requirements for giveaways:

1. All of the rules for a product review apply to giveaways as well.

2. The giveaway item must be valued at $10 or more and shipped by you to the winner. I will collect the winner's information and provide it to you.

3. I will host the giveaway on my site. Requirements for the giveaway can include following your page on Facebook or linking with Twitter if you prefer.

If you have any questions or would like to hold a product review/giveaway on my site, email me HERE!