Thursday, January 20, 2011


Ever have one of those moments where you walk into the middle of a conversation and start to talk, only to realize that you weren't supposed to hear the conversation? Yeah, I had one of those tonight. Awk-ward!

My mom, Jandy, stopped by tonight so we could swap out some stuff we've both been meaning to give the other. While I was supposed to be home before she got there, Beautiful G had basketball and we went to the grocery store right after and it took longer than I planned (probably because I circled frozen foods four times looking for stuff!). She beat me to my place by about 10 minutes. This wasn't a problem, since Dave was home.

I get home, hands full of groceries while trailing a very excited 5 year old, and find Jandy and Dave in the middle of a discussion about e-readers, specifically the Kindle vs. the Nook.

Now, I love to read and if you can't tell, I got it from Jandy (have you clicked the link yet? If not, click it and you'll get a better understanding). I've actually discussed e-books with her and have gotten to play with her Nook a little bit. To be honest, since she bought one and I played with it, I've kinda been wanting one. Not seriously enough to warrant a conversation with Dave, unlike say, the bookshelves, but kinda. I've got a handful of e-books downloaded onto our computer and an assortment of computer based e-readers.

Dave, on the other hand, doesn't read for pleasure. He will read his Bible and whatever papers he's required to for important or work related things, but it's rare to find Dave reading a book unless it's to our girls. His collection of books takes up half a shelf and includes his coffee table type book about the Dodgers.

I walk in during this conversation, start putting away groceries and get into the conversation. I'm telling Dave the merits of the e-reader and how if I had to pick that I'd want a Nook because the e-books I borrow from the library work on it, but not on the Kindle.

As the conversation winds down, Jandy mentions that you can get Nooks pretty cheap now, especially if you go with the first generation like she did (she bought hers in October). It was at that moment that it finally sunk in. I wasn't supposed to hear this conversation. The only reason they would be discussing price is if Dave was considering buying one. And the only reason Dave would be buying one is if it's for me. My birthday is in 3 weeks. I just walked in on the conversation of what I'm getting for my birthday. OOPS!

So now you know, just like I do, that I'm getting a Nook for my birthday. I'm actually now in charge of buying it, mostly because I have the time over the next three weeks to scour around for a good deal, while he does not. Which is fine with me. Of course now I'm kicking myself for deciding to go with the Amazon Gift Card I ordered three days ago (from a rewards program) instead of the Barnes and Nobles one. Still, I'm getting an e-reader for my birthday and I am probably one of the happiest women alive right now. My husband rocks!


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