Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Flu

The Flu. Evil incarnate. I have had the flu twice in my adult life and both times I will never forget.

The first time it was late February. I had gotten my flu shot the previous November, after being told by my doctor that I had to. It was the first time in my adult life I got my flu shot, too. And yet, I still managed to come down with the flu, a mere three months later. Oh, did I mention that the reason I was told I had to get the flu shot was because I was 9 months pregnant? Beautiful G was born less than a week after I got my flu shot and was 3 months old when I got the flu. 3 month olds obviously can't get a flu shot. Nor can they be around their mother who has the flu.

Dave works a blue collar job, he always has. One fun fact of blue collar jobs, many start much earlier in the day than you typical office job. Dave has always worked earlier hours than I did. He also worked earlier than our daycare officially opened. Fortunately, Beautiful G's daycare provider at the time is a close friend of the family. She took Beautiful G overnight for the three or four days it took me to get over the flu, with Dave bringing her home for a few hours after he got off work.

I don't have any other memory as being quite as miserable and sick. Not ever. Until Friday night. Yeah, that's where I've been. I've had the flu. About 9 o'clock on Friday I night, I started hurting. And by midnight, I knew for a fact that I caught the flu from Dave. We both had a VERY miserable weekend. Oh and I missed Beautiful G's first basketball game. Yeah. Fortunately, my mom and aunt took her (and Sunshine!!!) to the game.

So that's why I haven't updated. I apologize. We'll be back tomorrow with the next segment of "How to Do the Coupon Thing", The Anatomy of a Coupon (which is only sort of like the anatomy of you!)


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