Thursday, March 3, 2011

Cleaning Out the Fridge and Freezer

I finally, after putting it off for awhile, cleaned out my fridge and freezer this morning.

I tell myself I'll do it weekly but I'm lucky if I get to doing a full cleaning once a month (I do pull out gross leftovers weekly).

I finally tackled the job today and decided to go through the mess I call a freezer. Turned out to be a great decision. I've got enough stuff for nearly 2 weeks worth of meals without having to buy more than a few peripheral things.

At the same time, Dave and I have been discussing the budget. While we are fine financially it is going to go a long way if I could cut down on my grocery shopping these two weeks.

Which brings me to my plan. With the stuff in the house and the coupons I should be able to keep my grocery bill (excluding pull ups for Sunshine but including household stuff like paper towels and cleaning supplies) under $100 until the 15th. This will mean having to make some foods I usually buy and only buying what is on sale for an awesome deal. At the same time this will have to show my creativity in our food process.

Now I'm going to challenge you. What can you do these two weeks to cut down your grocery bill?


Jandy said...

Quit eating out - it would up my grocery store bill, but lower my food bill. It also won't happen...

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