Monday, March 7, 2011

A Different Kind of Day

Today, for the first time ever, Beautiful G went to school all day long. She had spent the entire weekend telling us (and everyone else) that she had to be there at 8 o'clock in the morning.

And she was, along with the hundreds of other kids at her school.

Which meant that at 8:05, Sunshine and I were ready to take on a whole day. This is very unusual for us, since prior to this we were still eating breakfast in our pjs at 8:05.

So how have we spent our first full day without Beautiful G? First, we didn't watch any tv this morning. Instead I turned on music. Sunshine spent the morning playing with her Barbies and I cleaned the disaster I had been calling our apartment. I scrubbed a kitchen that had been largely ignored for the past two days and a living room that managed to go from reasonable to hurricane in one.

Lunch was a peaceful affair instead of the usual "hurry up it's naptime" theme we've had going. Sunshine did take her nap today without a fight. And while she napped I finished cleaning. I tackled the floor sticky from the multiple juice spills from the weekend (how one child can spill that much is beyond me, especially in the same place!) and the master bathroom.

Now I relax while Sunshine finishes her nap and we go get Beautiful G. I wonder how exciting her day was.


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