Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Stater Bros Coupon Policy

After years of not officially listing their coupon policy, Stater Bros has finally done it! Here's the link for the full policy, but here are a few important facts about it:

The Coupon cannot exceed the price of the item.

They will now accept Internet BOGOS but not Internet coupons that are for a free item without purchase.

They will now accept Internet Coupons up to $5.

Since I have had numerous problems with the Stater Bros Coupon Policy (it seems nobody knows it for sure when I'm in the store), I highly recommend you print this page out and take it with you. That way if any coupon comes up with an issue, you can show them the policy. While I don't usually carry around coupon policies, with Stater Bros my answer is "JUST DO IT". You'll be grateful later.


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