Wednesday, April 27, 2011

31 Cent Scoop Night at Baskin Robbins

Yup, if you're brave enough, Baskin Robbins is celebrating 31 Cent Scoop tonight! It's from 5 to 10 pm, local time.

Also Baskin Robbins is donating $100,000 to the National Fallen Firefighters Association. Also some of the Baskin Robbins stores will have a place to specifically donate to NFFA if you prefer. Check HERE to see if your store is participating.


Sara Thompson said...

I'm glad you posted this - we went last night. For three of us we got 2 scoops each, my husband and I got the chocolate dipped waffle cones and my son got pop rocks on his. All this was $5.52. It wasn't the $2 I had planned on spend when I went in (I had $2 in cash and some change) but for getting what we wanted and a special treat, I felt it was well worth it. Baskin Robbins has gotten so expensive that I don't go anymore so it was a nice outing. We donated that $2 to the fire department charity that was set up in the parking lot.

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