Sunday, April 3, 2011

By the Numbers-Week 1

I have noticed the lbs have been creeping up lately. In fact, I recently hit my heaviest ever.

Now, on top of that my mom graciously bought us a weekend vacation to a family friendly resort which includes a massive water park.

So I need to do something about this weight. And because if I don't get some accountability, I will never lose the weight. So I'm asking you to partner up with me and help keep me accountable. Ask me questions (even hard ones), celebrate my successes and give me a swift kick when needed.

So, here are the details. First, my stats.

Weight: 220 lbs
Waist: 40.5 inches
Hips: 46.5 inches
Waist to Hip Ratio: 0.86
BMI: 32.5 or obese

My plan: I think I will be following Jillian Michael's plan which is spread across her books "Winning by Losing" and "Master Your Metabolism". I am still reading the second one, so it's not a fully ready plan yet.

Here is my goals for the diet this week:

Avoid as much white food as possible.

Do not eat anything with HFCS in it.

Get my 5 to 9 serving of fruit and veggies daily.

Cardio Monday through Friday. At least 2 Cardio sessions will use the Jillian Michaels dvd I own.

Strength training Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

To finish up, my starting picks in my bathing suit:


Sara Thompson said...

I use Sparkpeople's nutrition tracker to keep my diet in check. The tracker is free (the whole site is) and they will track your calories burned as well. I like the accountability and making sure everything is balanced.

Anonymous said...

I don't know how close your drugstores and grocery stores are to you but one thing I do is put my daughter on the stroller and go get all our cheap stuff walking to these places. I get my workout and my cheap stuff.

Mrs. Undomestic said...

Sarah, I've used Spark People for years, it hasn't helped a whole lot.

And Anonymous, I live across the street from one drug store and one grocery store. We live 2 blocks from Target. I walk to the grocery and drug store all the time, but Target requires crossing some major roads so I usually make that my last stop on a series of errands instead.

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