Friday, April 1, 2011

Dinner Disaster

I admit it. I have a dinner disaster at least once every two weeks. Sometimes more often. I bake incredibly well, but I completely suck at "cooking". I have a handful of recipes I make wonderfully but almost every time I try something new, it takes a couple tries. I've even caught my kitchen on fire a couple times.

Tonight we had a dinner disaster. It happened in what is often labeled the busy cook's best friend, the crockpot. My roast is more like falling apart meat with mushroom soup. I'm not sure where I went wrong either. So we eat out.

To help me commiserate, tell me your biggest kitchen disaster.


Mommy said...

I bought a bunch of candy bags for Halloween a couple weeks early when they were on sale. Because my hubs has a sweet tooth and I knew he would get into them I hid them in the oven. Unfortunately a couple days later I forgot they were in there and went to preheat the oven for dinner. A short couple minutes later smoke was coming from the oven and the house was filled with a burning smell. OOps!

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