Thursday, April 28, 2011

Los Angeles Times Festival of Books

I AM SO EXCITED!!! Starting at 10 am Saturday morning, the invading horde will cover every inch of the University of Southern California campus with literature (in some form or another). Yup, The LA Times Festival of Books is this weekend.

Yes, I'm going along with my mom, Jandy. Since we live in San Diego County and don't feel like driving 2 hours one-way (in LA traffic) four times in one weekend, we're staying overnight. We're already planning what we want to see (we're starting with a stage panel that interviews student writers, age 6 to 18. I really want to see this). Mom bought a couple tickets for us, although the biggest things I want to see are both on stages, so you can't buy tickets (Jillian Michaels and Danica McKellar. One right after the other, on the same stage.)

Last year was the first time I went and I had a blast. We actually only went to one panel, about baseball, which is odd since while my mom's siblings all are, she isn't and it didn't pass down to me. The panel was so much fun and I learned so much about the history of baseball.

Most of the time we wandered around, looking at booths and people watching. It's amazing what happens when you stick thousands of book lovers in one place. We made particular care to stop by the booth run by Mysterious Galaxy, a local independent book store who goes up there every year. It is one of our top ten favorite stores, combining all things mystery with all things sci-fi/fantasy.

I don't quite know what will happen this year, beyond seeing more panels. Oh, and The Reduced Shakespeare Company. All I know is that I'm already packing up the car in my head. OH BOY!


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