Friday, April 15, 2011

Spring Break

Sorry this is up later than I meant, it's been a LONG day. Between grocery shopping and cleaning, I feel like it's been a non-stop day. I was in shock when 7:30 hit because I was sure that it couldn't be that late. But it was!!!

So what's with the title (since it has very little to do with my long day)? Well, Beautiful G has spring break for the next two weeks and I plan on taking full advantage of it.

When I was a teenager, I was sure that I was going to home school my kids. It seemed like such a brilliant idea. No drama or ridicule (I wasn't liked much in high school, OK?), knowing exactly what my kids were learning and knowing they would be ahead of the curve. I also dreamed I'd be living in a house in the Middle of Nowhere Ohio. Fortunately, as I got older I got a bit wiser. I talked to home school parents and learned that many have fewer social interactions, making it harder to transition into the "real world". And being ahead of the curve really depended on how much you put into it. So we decided that our kids would go to regular old public school just like we did.

At the same time, I'm a huge proponent of the idea that the biggest teacher my girls have is Dave and I. Beautiful G's class for the first two weeks of school held 42 kids. Once they split in week three, she went down to 24. Even at 24 students, that is a lot of kindergarteners whom are all on different levels. While I do expect the school to teach her, I understand that I, as a parent, have to step up and help because there is no way her teacher can do it all.

Which leads us to Spring Break. I've decided to turn Spring Break (and summer, once we get there) into our own version of home school. It's kind of scary, because it means a level of organization that I'm not always known for. Which is probably why I'm over preparing. The more prepared I am, the better off she'll be. I'm also including stuff for Sunshine to do since otherwise Beautiful G will either not focus on her work (problems we already struggle with) or whine that Sunshine is playing and/or messing with her.

So what are we going to do? I'm still building an exact plan, but my first goal is exact times that things get done. If I know that at 10 we are supposed to read for a half an hour, then that's what we'll do. Since she's a little behind with her numbers, we'll give them special focus during spring break so she'll be more up to speed when she goes back. Mostly, I want to keep her on track and to keep going for when she does get back to school.

As for the blog, I promise I'll still be posting. I will still get the coupon match ups done. Times may be off a little bit, but you'll get it. I promise!


Dayngr | Dayngrous Discourse said...

Very ambitious mom!!

Sara Thompson said...

When my son was in grade school we used 2 different "devices" to help with his education - the first is Brain Quest. We would buy the cards at the beginning of the school year (JCP often sold them as a fundraiser during school shopping). The second was Summer Bridge Activity books. They have web content as well - both are rather inexpensive and fun to use.

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