Thursday, May 5, 2011

Cheese Money Maker at Ralph's TODAY ONLY!!!

Who knew the State of California was so nice to couponers?

I went to Ralph's today to get the strawberries at $0.77 each as part of their 8 hour sale. I had been considering picking up Kraft cheese, despite not having a coupon (if you have a coupon, which you can get HERE, it would have made it free). As we're walking up to the check out, they had a cooler of the cheese and a sign.

And it was that signed that changed the deal. Apparently the State of California determined that cheese for $0.99 was too hot of a deal. So Ralph's raised the price to $1.69 (I know, it sounds sucky. Here's the awesome part). When you buy them, though, you will get $1 put on your Ralph's card for your next purchase (effective as of tomorrow). So basically, you end up paying only $0.69 for cheese.

EXCEPT! As a couponer, you can make this an amazing deal! You buy the cheese at $1.69 and use the $0.50/1 coupon from above. Since Ralph's doubles to a $1, it will take your cheese to $0.69 out of pocket. You then get $1 put on your Rewards card, effectively making $0.31!!!!!



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