Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memorial Day Craziness!

American flags on Navy Pier by ser.ddima
American flags on Navy Pier, a photo by ser.ddima on Flickr.

We had an awesome weekend around here. Saturday was Princess Day since Dave took off for the day. Sunday and Monday were both simply resting for us. The only person who left either day was me and that was for some groceries for Monday's big meal (That was Sunday, for about 2 hours). 

We spent a great couple days as a family, ate quite a bit and just relaxed. I baked for the first time in weeks. Dave grilled. The girls played and played.

What I didn't do was work on this (much. Albertsons on Sunday, I couldn't help it!). I'll try to get the Drugstore Donation list up this afternoon. Neither Stater Bros or Albertsons will be here until tomorrow since I didn't get either ad in the mail today, so they should come tomorrow. On that front, there will be a new mailer for Albertsons this week, so check you mail. There will probably be doubler coupons again!

Anyway, I hope you all had a great Memorial Day and I want to make a very special thank you to all our men and women who have served our country in past and present. It is because of you that we have the freedoms we enjoy and I am grateful for it.  


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