Sunday, May 1, 2011

The New Design

Did you notice the new design? We had a pretty major site change and it's all thanks to Margaret at The World As I See It.  Last Friday I joined her blog hop and she mentioned she does design work. And voila!

As someone who is incredibly stupid when it comes to graphics, logos, etc (my best effort was the old logo) I was grateful for someone who was willing to work with me on making the blog look better. Margaret did that and so much more! She took my logo and made it 100x better (You can actually read the words now!). From that and the basic colors I gave her, she made the background and side bars (did you see that Twitter/Facebook don't overtake the side now? That's thanks to Margaret!). She also made the signature you'll now see at the bottom of every post and the blog button on the left.

Margaret also worked quite quickly. I literally asked her on a post Friday afternoon and had a whole new design by Saturday morning! She worked with what I had and did the extra needed to redo my logo (she had to go find the original piece of ClipArt I used and fix it from there). Margaret really listened to what I want and made it happen. If you are looking for someone to do a blog design for you, please contact Margaret at The World As I See It. She is fantastic, helpful and quick!


Margaret said...

I am so glad that you like it! If you ever want another design feel free to come to me!

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