Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Stater Bros 5/11 to 5/17

Stater Bros is a regional chain in Southern California. To see their official coupon policy, check here. I suggest printing a copy and taking it with you.

Best Meat Deals
Ground Beef, not to exceed 15% fat-$1.99 lb.

Randall Farms Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts-$1.99 lb.

New York Bone-In Steak-$4.77 lb.

Best Produce Deals
Strawberries, 4 lb. package-$3.99 each

Cuties Tangerines 3 lb. bag-$2.99 each
$0.55/1 Cuties Facebook
Final Price-$2.45 each

Blueberries 6 oz. packages-$1.50 each

Mix and Match Sizzling Savings
If you buy 10 items, you will automatically receive $5 off. The prices below reflect the savings if you buy 10. There is a limit of 2
Honest Tea or Ade, Fuze or Dasani Water-$0.75 each
$1/1 Honest Tea Recyclebank
$1/2 Fuze or Fuze Slenderize 4/10/2011 SS Insert (exp 7/10/2011)

Final Price as low as FREE!

Hormel Chili with Beans-$0.99 each
$1/2 Hormel Chili Cans 5/8/2011 SS Insert (exp 7/11/2011)
$0.55/2 Hormel Chili 5/8/2011 SS Insert (exp 7/11/2011)

Final Price as low as $0.49 each

Oscar Mayer Classic Weiners-$0.99 each

Fanta, Mello Yello or Smartwater-$0.75 each

Fanta or Mello Yello 12 pack-$1.99 each

Hillshire Farm Deli Select Lunch Meat-$2.49 each
$0.55/1 Hillshire Farm Lower Sodium Product Facebook
Final Price as low as $1.94

Guerrero Tortillas or Tostadas-$0.99 each

Dasani 24 pack-$2.99 each

Coca-Cola Products 12 pack-$3.49 each

Ken’s Marinade or Dressing 16 oz.-$1.49 each
$1/1 Ken's Dressing 5/8/2011 SS Insert (exp 6/30/2011)
$1/2 Ken's Salad Dressings 5/8/2011 SS Insert (exp 6/30/2011)

Final Price as low as $0.49 each

Thomas English Muffins-$1.49 each

Sunshine Krispy Saltine Crackers-$1.49 each

Sara Lee Soft and Smooth Bread-$1.99 each

Krusteaz Pancake or Belgian Waffle Mix-$1.49 each

Mother’s Cookies or Keebler Fudge Shoppe Cookies or Town House Crackers-$1.99 each
$1/2 Mother’s Cookies (IE) Bricks  Printable (FF)
$1/2 Keebler Townhouse Crackers Snackpicks
$1/1 Keebler Fudge Shoppe Jumbo Sticks (IE)  Printable (FF)

Final Price as low as $0.99 each

Hostess Twinkies, Chocolate Cupcakes or Donettes-$1.99 each

Kellogg’s Rice Krispies Treats or Orville Redenbacher’s Popcorn-$1.99 each

Vlasic Pickles-$2.49 each
$1/2 Hellmann's AND Vlasic Product All You Mar 2011 (exp 6/30/2011)
Final Price $1.99 each wyb Hellmann’s mayonnaise 

Buddig Deli Cuts Lunchmeat-$2.49 each
$1/1 Buddig Deli Cuts or Deli Cuts Tub (IE) Bricks  Printable (FF)
Final Price-$1.49 each

Kellogg’s Fiber Plus Bars-$2.49 each
$1/2 Kellogg’s Fiber Plus Chewy Bars Snackpicks
$1/2 Kellogg's Fiber Plus Products (IE) Bricks  Printable (FF)
$1/2 Kellogg's FiberPlus Chewy Bars 4/17/2011 RP Insert (exp 6/12/2011)

Final Price-$1.99 each wyb 2

Glaceau Vitaminwater-$2.99

Arm & Hammer 2x Liquid or Powder Laundry Detergent-$2.99 each
$1/2 Arm & Hammer Laundry Product 4/10/2011 SS Insert (exp 6/30/2011)
Final Price-$2.49 each wyb 2

Red Bull Energy Drink 4 pack-$4.49 each

Monster Energy Drink 4 pack-$4.49 each

Evian Spring Water 6 pack-$5.99 each

Kraft Mix & Match Sale
This is a Buy 3, Save $2 sale. Prices below reflect the savings. There is a limit of 4

Kraft Homestyle Macaroni & Cheese-$2.49 each
$1/1 Kraft Homestyle Macaroni & Cheese Dinner (IE) Bricks  Printable (FF)
$1/1 Kraft Homestyle Mac & Cheese Dinner 4/17/2011 SS Insert (exp 5/17/2011)

Final Price-$1.49 each

Nabisco Newton Fruit Thins or Oreo Fudge Cremes-$2.99 each
$1/1 Nabisco Newtons Product 5/8/2011 SS Insert (exp 6/8/2011)
$1/1 Nabisco Oreo Fudge Cremes 4/17/2011 SS Insert (exp 5/16/2011. THIS IS MONDAY!!!)
Final Price-$1.99 each

Mio Liquid Water Enhancer-$3.79 each

Kraft Philadelphia Cooking Crème-$2.99 each
$1.50/1 Philadelphia Cooking Creme 3/6/2011 SS Insert (exp 5/31/2011)
Final Price-$1.49 each

Crystal Light Pure On-The-Go or Nabisco Snack Well’s-$2.99 each
B2G1 Free Crystal Light Drink Mix Product 4/3/2011 SS Insert (exp 5/31/2011)
Final Price-$2 each wyb 3

Nabisco Ritz Crackerfuls or Wheat Thin Stix-$2.99 each
$0.75/1 Nabisco Ritz Multi-Grain Crackerfuls Product Walmart
$1/1 Nabisco Wheat Thins Crunch Stix 4/17/2011 SS Insert (exp 6/26)
$1/1 Nabisco Ritz Crackerfuls Filled Crackers 4/17/2011 SS Insert (exp 7/10)

Final Price as low as $1.99 each

Other Deals
Powerade-$0.46 each wyb 15, Limit 2

Cheerios, Cocoa Puffs, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Golden Grahams or Trix-$2.49 each, plus get a FREE gallon of milk wyb 3
$1/2 General Mills Cereal 5/8/2011 SS Insert (exp 6/18/2011)
$1/2 General Mills Cereals Betty Crocker
$0.55/1 General Mills Trix Cereal Betty Crocker
$0.55/1 General Mills Trix Cereal SmartSource.com
$1/2 General Mills Cereals Coupons.com
$0.55/1 General Mills Trix Cereal Coupons.com
$1/3 General Mills Cereal 5/1/2011 SS Insert (exp 6/11/2011)
$1.00/3 General Mills Cereal Walmart
Final Price as low as $1.95 each plus the milk wyb 3

Valu Time Milk 1 gallon-$2.89 each
$0.55/1 Any Real California Milk Product
Final Price-$2.34 each

Romero’s Value Pack Tortillas-$0.99 each (regular price, but still a good one!)

Fritos, Cheetos or Frito Lay Dip-$1.99 each

Classico Pasta Sauce-$1.67 each wyb 3, Limit 1
$1/2 Classico Pasta Sauce 5/15/2011 SS Insert (exp 9/10/2011)
$1/1 Classico Pasta Sauce Classico

Final Price as low as $0.67 each

Michelina’s Zap’ems Gourmet-$0.50 each
$1/5 Michelina’s Lean Gourmet Products Printable
$1/5 Michelina's Lean Gourmet Product Michelina's

Final Price-$0.30 each wyb 5

Marie Callender’s or Healthy Choice Meals-$2 each
$1/2 Marie Callender’s Frozen Meals Child Hunger (use code 63829897)
$1/2 Healthy Choice Frozen Meals Child Hunger (use code 63829897)

Final Price-$1.50 each wyb 2

Bar-S Bacon-$3.49 each
$1/2 Bar-S Bacon Products Bar-S
Final Price-$2.99 each wyb 2

Tropicana Juice or Trop50-$2.99 each
$2/3 Quaker or Tropicana Product 5/1/2011 Moments to Save Insert (exp 5/21/2011)
Final Price-$2.33 each wyb 3

Stater Bros. Country Harvest Bagels-$1.99 each


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Thanks for the match ups! There's a $1/1 coupon for Guerrero Tortillas on their website. Free tortillas. ;)

Mrs. Undomestic said...

Thanks, Monica, I'll add it!

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