Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Where are my Match Ups???

If you didn't notice, I removed the little bar that listed the match ups. I know, it made it easy to get to the list you wanted. But it had problems, most notably that it didn't show up when you use the mobile version of the site.

So I changed things (you'll live, I promise!). Now, you'll see up in the header a section called Store Deals. If you click the link, you'll see a list of lots of stores (OK, in the future. I'm working on adding stores). Click the store you want and it will take you to the best deals.

One more note, many of the stores I'm adding I won't be doing match ups myself. Instead, I'll make a post with what I feel are the best deals of the week and a link to the full list of deals.

If there are any stores you feel should be added (for example, if you want to see the match ups for Acme in Ohio) then leave a comment either here or on the Store Deals page and I'll add it!



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