Thursday, July 7, 2011

CellFire ecoupons!

I haven't mentioned Cellfire yet, but it is an awesome way to get coupons. You one of those people who hates the clipping, sorting and actually remembering to take your coupons to the store? The Cellfire may be the perfect solution!

Cellfire offers ecoupons. Instead of having to carry coupons to the store, you can simply log onto Cellfire, add the coupons directly to your loyalty card and shop like normal.

So what's the downside? Well, first, Cellfire doesn't work with every store. Right now Cellfire only works with Ralph's and Vons locally (all Kroger and Safeway affliates for those of you not in SoCal). So if you are a regular shopper at Albertsons or Stater Bros, you are out of luck.

The second problem is that not every coupon released online and/or in the newspaper is available on Cellfire. Some of the coupons match, others have exclusive to Cellfire.

The final problem I have with Cellfire is that once you assign a coupon to a loyalty card, it stays there until it expires or is used. This can be a problem if you get a higher value coupon for an item that you have a coupon for, since the stores won't take both coupons and the ecoupon automatically gets used. It's also a problem if you have multiple loyalty cards signed up and find a better deal at another store that takes Cellfire. You can't simply switch it over.

So, is Cellfire worth it? I'd say YES! Last week I used an ecoupon and got a FREE container of  lemonade mix. So feel free to sign up for Cellfire today!



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