Monday, July 18, 2011


A year ago we moved to our current apartment. I loved the apartment but hated the fact that I had to relearn where everything was and learn a whole new area. I couldn't find anything, I didn't know the "quick way" or the "back way" anywhere I wanted to go. I barely knew the major roads!

It was change and while it was a very good change (we needed to move from our old place) it was still hard. Change is hard at first. It's one of those things we all struggle with.

Unfortunately, life always changes. It never stops, so change is inevitable (except from vending machines.) But I realized the hardest part of change is in the doing, it's in our heads. We each have our own view of the world and it is very hard to change that part of us. It really wasn't very hard for me to learn the roads (a few weeks of driving around and Google Maps helped out immensely) but it seemed hard because I was used to my old town and my brain simply hadn't adjusted yet.

Changing your life requires changing your mind. If you don't change one, you can't change the other. So how to you change your mind? See where it is. How do you do this? Track stuff. Want to see where your mind is, you write down what's going on!

Right now I'm in the middle of tracking what I do with my day. I'll share my full results next week, but so far it is interesting to see what I spend my days doing. I find that I am grossly underestimating some things and overestimate some others. But it also shows me exactly why I'm not getting my goals met. It's a lot of easier for me to see places where I am wasting time or where what I think isn't taking a lot of time is actually taking a ton! It also shows me places where I can use my time more effectively.

If you want to lose weight, spend a week tracking what you eat (no matter how embarassing). Want to meet other goals? Track your days and see where you can find time to meet those goals.

Track and you will change or at least the beginning of change.


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