Friday, July 8, 2011



SavingStar is an awesome new ecoupon service. Up until SavingStar, you couldn't use ecoupons at most of the stores I shop at. Fortunately, they changed all that.

SavingStar works like all ecoupon sites, you add your loyalty card and they will automatically put any coupon you select onto the card. It has the same downsides that you can't take off coupons once they are there and that you can only put it on one card.

But here is how SavingStar is different. Instead of taking the total off at check out, they keep track of how much you saved and will give it back in the form of gift cards. You have to accumulate at least $5 to get a pay out.

Like I said before, SavingStar works at a lot more stores than most of the ecoupon programs, including Albertsons and CVS (it also says it works at Stater Bros and Target, but since neither have loyalty cards I haven't figured out how this is possible yet...)

If you are a fan of ecoupons or at least want to try them out, I suggest giving SavingStar a try.



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