Friday, December 31, 2010

New Year, New Blog

I am a Stay At Home Mom. Yes, I said it. The thing is, though, that I'm not very good at it. In fact, I'm very bad at it. I'm a good mom. I'm not so good at taking care of the rest of it. If you walked into my house right now, you'd find that my kitchen is cluttered with stuff (again). My dining room is clean, but only cause I swept it this morning in frustration. The girls have laundry that's been in the basket for almost a week but still hasn't been put away. And don't even glance in my bedroom!

To be honest, I'm not very domestic. I'm just not. But I want to change that. So I'm going to. And while I'm at it, I'm going to blog about it. One thing we've done as a family is set some goals and I want to focus on meeting them. So we're going to. And I'm going to blog about them.

So what are our goals? Well I'm glad you asked!

My personal goals:

1. Blog here (Mrs. Undomestic) and HERE (my baking blog) daily. This one is simple. Get on here and blog! This will also include promoting the blog.

2. Make enough money every month from various work projects to cover both car payments and the car insurance. Right now I work for a couple of content mills along with monetizing the blog. I have calculated how much I need to make daily to cover the expenses, not counting weekends. The new goal is to actually get it done!

3. Keep my house clean, not just halfway, almost clean like it is now. I'm a fan of the FlyLady system (which I don't follow well). I even own her book! I'm going to follow this to keep my house clean.

4. Complete a novel. I love to write and I have always wanted to write a novel. My goal is to actually get it done this year and find an agent to sell it.

5. Lose 60 lbs. I need to get down to about 155 to be a happy camper with myself and with what is considered healthy. This includes eating well and exercising daily!

6. Read my Bible daily.

Family Goals:

1. Become healthier. Dave, my husband, needs to lose weight too. He won't "Go on a Diet" (yeah for being male!) but he will do a lifestyle change with me, so we're doing this as a family.

2. Read a story to our girls every day. We often read, but I really want to get a book read to them every day.

3. Work on preschool stuff with Sunshine (my 3-year-old) and homework/school stuff with Beautiful G (my 5-year-old). Beautiful G is in half-day kindergarten right now but by the end of the year she'll be in first grade. I really need to get Sunshine more prepared for kindergarten than Beautiful G was (although she was fine, I felt like she could have been more prepared).

4. Save up for the down payment of a house and buy it! Dave and I am finally to a point where our credit will allow us to buy a house and we are sick of living in apartments where we can't do things like send our kids to play in the yard. We're Americans. We have the American dream of a home. And we're going to do it!

Yup, that's it. 10 things I really need to do this year (well, 9. Two are more cross-overs of each other). This blog will keep me accountable and give you a chance to see how I'm doing. I'll be posting how we do and other stuff that relates to home (like coupons, great deals, and other fun stuff that you could use in your home and family life).


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