Sunday, January 16, 2011

Adventures in Potty Training, More Bookshelves and New Weekly Goals

That title basically sums up my entire weekend. Right there, you've seen what's been going on.

First and foremost, we're potty training Sunshine. I didn't potty train Beautiful G until she was 3 either. With Beautiful G, it was me trying regain my balance and figure out the whole "I have two kids under 3" thing. With Sunshine, as much as I wanted her out of diapers I remember all too well the battle I had with her sister.

On Friday, I decided I had enough. We were potty training and we were going to stick with it. No Pull Ups except for bedtime. Lots and lots of potty breaks and lots and lots of stickers. In the past 3 days, we've had 2 (maybe 3) accidents. All of those involved poop (yes, I typed it and I'm blushing!). She still isn't really telling me she has to go, but if I ask her about going, she'll tell me yes (most of the time) and 9 times out of 10, she'll go. Usually the 10th time, she says no but I take her anyway because its been awhile and I'm afraid for an accident. I've made more progress with her in the last 3 days than I did with Beautiful G in the first 3 months of potty training. One of my goals this week is to have her fully potty trained by Saturday and start getting her out of even bedtime Pull Ups in about a month. I'm dreaming of the money I'll be saving!!

Onto the next topic. Bookshelves. Dave and I did a Craigslist search and found 2 bookshelves for $40. They are the cheap put it together yourself kind, but they are sturdy enough and since Target wants $30 for one still in a box, I knew we were getting at least a halfway decent deal. So finally, after living in this apartment for 6 months, my books have been unearthed. I have found quite a collection, many things I hadn't remembered having and others that are dear friends that I had been missing. It's exciting to get my hands on them again! I started reading The Devil Wears Prada, which I had picked up shortly before we moved and hadn't started since we were packing up. I had planned on getting bookshelves within a month or two of moving, so I hadn't been worried about it. Now I get to enjoy it.

Final topic for the night. My new weekly goals. Well, first and foremost, I joined a weight loss group through my MomWriters and it required me to weigh myself and take my measurements. Let's just say that was one more wake up call I didn't need! Officially, we kick off the group tomorrow, so I am planning to start my journey then.

My weekly goals are:

1. Write for Demand Every Day
2. Write at least 2 articles for Suite 101
3. Write 2,000 words for my novel
4. Write here every day and at A Year of Baking twice this week
5. Exercise for an hour every day Monday through Friday
6. Eat Right/In my Calorie Range
7. Get Sunshine completely potty trained
8. Do my hair and makeup every day

That's it. I think I can do this. Anybody want to share their big plans this week? Potty training horror stories (or stories of bliss if you have any)? Their never ending love for books? All of the above?


Pain SUX said...

I love this post!!

Most of all, I love your #8,
I really should add that one to my list too!


Musings By Michele said...

Great post, love your weekly goal idea. I need to work on something like that.

New follower from Mixed Bag Monday
Stop & Visit us soon.

Sherri said...

I also love #8, I wanna do that one too:) Hopping by from FTLOB:)

Vic said...

i so need to put the makeup on and do the hair each day! love the list of goals...the holidays really did it for me:) perhaps i should join you on this journey! thanks for linking up with the ftloboggers today! we're glad to have you! enjoy the eve.

wacki04@TheKing'sCourt IV said...

I'm there with you with the potty training, lol! We'll be starting soon!

New follower from Mingle Monday! Hope you can stop by and return the follow :)

Sara said...

I think #8 needs to be on every Mom's weekly to-do list. We forget to do that, and it's important for our husbands. (Coming from a Mom who never truly got dressed today - my excuse Time Warner Cable was coming to fix our internet during my get ready time.)

Here is mine -
1. Finish Custom Party from the Box - Housewarming
2. Put the laundry away that husband nicely washed yesterday. (now I will have extra ironing since he did leave it all in baskets, but not complaining - he was helping)
3. Look presentable the rest of the week
4. Finish updating Touch of Home Learning's first eBook.
5. Fax 30 daycares for summer events
6. Start a book for me.
7. Start writing eBook 2 for Touch of Home Learning.
8. Make it to the gym or work out at home 5 times this week.
9. Remember to laugh.

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Stop by, look around, follow back, comment freely - most importantly, ENJOY!

Undeserving Grace said...

Wow you have lots of weekly goals...i'm doing the 3in30 challenge for goals. As for potty training all I can is may God bless you....those times were not pretty for us. Now following from todays hop join me at undeserving grace when you have a chance!

Lori said...

Visiting from Monday Mixed Bag- please come follow back!

Thanks, Lori

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