Friday, January 14, 2011

Salsa Chicken

I love my CrockPot. While I'm not quite as obsessed as Stephanie over at A Year of Slow Cooking, I do love mine. It's easy. It's quick. I rarely screw up dinner when I use it.

Dave's not a huge fan of it, because he thinks most things come out too mushy. There are a few recipes I can get away with and because of it (and because of sales) I've gotten to use my CrockPot two days in a row! On top of it, they now make liners for your slow cooker that you slide along the inside of your CrockPot, dump all your ingredients in the CrockPot/bag and it cooks the same as normal. When you are ready to clean up, simply remove the bag and toss. You now have a clean CrockPot! Now that's my type of cleaning!

I'm making Salsa Chicken today, which is so easy that even I (the cooking challenged) can make it.

Here's how:

Take about 1-2 lbs of chicken breasts (mine are usually still frozen) and drop them in. Add 1 8 oz jar of salsa (your choice of what kind, I use whatever's on sale), a can of black beans and a can of corn. Put the lid on the CrockPot and turn it on low for 6-8 hours or high for 3-5. Once It's cooked, pull the chicken out and shred it (if you want, not required) and serve. I usually put ours in flour tortillas and add a little cheese to make them burritos, but you can do whatever. And voila! You have dinner!


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Closer to Lucy said... sister just told me how to make that! Lol...frozen chicken and all!

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