Thursday, January 13, 2011


I'm reading a book on SEO content. I got it for free, while at the LA Times Festival of Books last year (and Mom, I'm telling you right now, I WANT TO GO AGAIN! LETS MAKE PLANS TO GO!). Honestly, I don't understand it. And I'm not sure sure if it's because I'm such a newbie at SEO or if it's because it's a bad book. According the reviews on Amazon (which I looked up after I started reading it), either everyone loves it or it's a terrible book. Honestly, the thing that stuck out most was a review that added a note about the author calling them asking them to change their review (they gave it a 3 stars and was asked to give a better review).

Now, I'm not stupid. I'm actually very smart and learn quite easily through books. So I'm guessing between the reviews I read and my own problems understanding it, it's a bad book.

Which leads me to my next step, finding a good way to learn SEO. Anybody have any good ideas?


Sara Thompson said...

You are one up on me - I have no idea what SEO is.

Mrs. Undomestic said...


SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It's the way that your blog (or website) is found by the search engines and how to get it listed higher when people search.

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