Tuesday, January 11, 2011


I do love that song. Of course, I'm a Beatlemaniac, just born 19 years too late. Anyway, this isn't about the song "Yesterday" it's about my actual yesterday!

First, I want to say OWWW! Which is to say that I did my exercise and I used my new workout DVD. I picked up Jillian Michaels "Blast Fat and Boost Your Metabolism" and OH MY GOSH THAT WAS HARD!! I didn't finish. I did the warm up and 2.5 of the 7 circuits she has. Today, my thighs, especially the back of my thighs, hurt! Unlike when my calves hurt, at least I can walk without pain. It's just squatting or doing anything that includes bending my knees deep that hurts.

So I did my exercise. One marker toward my goal.

I also filled up my bookshelf. I am renowned for procrastinating, even on things I want to do, so doing this right away is a big thing for me. I also found a bunch of books I had either forgotten I had or thought I got rid of. One of those is a book on SEO that I got for free at the L.A. Times Festival of Books last year. The guy gave it to me, telling me it was about online writing. I just started working for Demand and thought this could help me do more. Then I saw it and thought "this doesn't matter for what I do". Well that was only sort of true! I was still of the mind that it was fairly useless when we moved last June, but something caused me to keep the book and now I'm glad I did! I have a new book to read, one that hopefully will help me here.

Another thing I found was my control journal from the FlyLady. It's mostly filled out, but I need to update it to fit our new schedule. Still, it was exciting to find it so that I don't have to redo it all.

I did my work for Demand that I should have gotten done yesterday, but not my work for Suite 101 or my own writing. Since Demand pays quickly, they have priority and yesterday priority won.

Beautiful G signed up for basketball in early November and we still hadn't heard anything. I've called a couple times to be told "you'll hear soon". Well I remembered and called again yesterday. I finally talked to the person in charge (the first time in all my calls) and found out that it was supposed to start yesterday at 5! Nobody had called me prior to this, so I started planning my day around that, including not making french bread (AGAIN!). Then I got a call at 3:30, since the coach couldn't reach most of the parents, she moved it to next Monday.

So I got one goal completely done, I am on track for one and behind on everything else. And today is questionable on what I'll get done, since Sunshine and I have to drive about 45 minutes (one way, so 1.5 hours round trip) while Beautiful G is in school just to get a piece of paper copied since my scanner won't work without a USB cable and we seem to only own mini-USBs now. How did we get rid of all of our USB cables when we got rid of our desktop??? Am I nuts??? Well, here's to getting as much done as possible!


Sara Thompson said...

My son is in a program with the YMCA that does various activities throughout the year and they always tell him the day it starts. There is no reason they can't tell us ahead of time but they don't. Makes me crazy.

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