Monday, January 10, 2011

Another CVS Trip and A Big HELLO To the MomWriters!

It was Sunday and of course I made my trip to CVS. I'm actually going to go again later this week, but I had a coupon that was expiring today and I had to go. While I didn't quite hit my $0.13 mark of last week, I did do pretty well. My original total was $39 and some change and I had a $5 off $30 or more coupon (which expired today), 3 $5 off coupons, 1 $4 off coupon, a $0.55 off coupon and a $1.00/2 coupon. I also used $10 in Extra Care Bucks, taking my total down to $4.02. With that I managed to buy 3 bottles of Maalox (which I needed since I've been getting major heartburn lately and am nearly out of Tums), 1 bottle of GasX, 3 boxes of Cheerios (the breakfast cereal of choice for my girls) and a Snickers bar. I also walked out with $14.89 in ECBs, meaning that I made $10.87 this week at the store, plus I still have $4 from last week's trip (I didn't use it today because a lot of my $4.02 was tax and won't come off, effectively losing most of that ECB). So I actually have $18.89 in ECBs for my next trip (or two). I'm pretty sure I'm going to use it later this week for my next trip to CVS for dishwasher tabs and toilet paper (both on sale with ECBs and I will have coupons).

The other big thing today is my very loud HELLO and ROAR to my fellow MomWriters. MomWriters is a Yahoo! Group designed to encourage, motivate and connect with fellow mom writers. We come from all walks of life, with kids of different ages (I've seen some with kids my age to those with kids younger than mine and all in-between). What we have in common is that we all are writing in some form and we're doing it while we balance the delicate nature of kids and family.

For the new year, MomWriters started one sub-group and started a new session of another. The one that's been around but starts a new session (next week) is the Weight Loss Group. I did the fall session, although not very well since I didn't lose anything! I did join back up for that one and I'll keep you up with my stats, etc for that.

The new group is the MomWriters Goals Group. It was created to help so many of us stay on track in 2011. According to our leader, there are nearly 30 of us participating. While our goals are not strictly writing related, all of us have at least one or two goals that are specifically writing related. If you've been following me here, you know I created this blog as another way to follow my goals (I started this before they started talking about the new group). One of my goals for that group relates to how this place is doing and I shared my blog address so they could see. Which means the first of the MomWriter waves should be coming in on Monday morning (since it's 11:59pm as I type this...). So Hi ladies! Welcome to my blog! Comment! Follow (the RSS feed is up to the right, Google Friend Connect slightly lower, also on the right)! Let me know what you think and any suggestions you have.

Oh, before I go, my weekly goals:

1. Write 3,500 to 4,000 words of my novel this week and edit them (my plan is to write Monday through Thursday and edit on Friday)
2. Make my $150 a week from Demand and write 5 new articles for Suite 101. (I write for both)
3. Write here and at A Year of Baking every day (which will include baking for A Year of Baking...)
4. Purposely avoid my trigger foods to help stick with my diet. My biggest trigger food is chocolate, especially small chocolates like Hershey Kisses or M&Ms, both of which we have in the house right now.
5. Exercise every day, including using my new exercise DVD twice this week and my Wii Fit twice this week.
6. (not on my original list to the ladies, but consider it added) Keep the living room and dining room clean, including swept and vacuumed three times this week.
7. (also not on my original list but consider it added) Put my books on the bookshelf I got today from my Grandmother. It's only got two shelves, but it's more than I've had for the last six months and now I can get the stack of books off of the end of the counter and start to unpack the last of the boxes.

So, now you know my goals. Anybody want to give me advice? Tell me I'm crazy? A little encouragement that I'm not as nuts as I'd like to think?


Sara Thompson said...

I don't see anything that can't be done. I am envious of your CVS ability. We don't have one in our area which now makes me sad. I am amazed at how many missed saving opportunities are out there. Aside from Walmart we don't have any big chains that have great savings. I don't really like Walmart so I make do with the local stores.

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