Thursday, January 6, 2011

Flour Tortillas

Yesterday, one of the blogs I follow issued a challenge. We were to take 3 assumptions we have in our life and challenge them in the next 48 hours. They were supposed to be goal related.

One of the goals/assumptions going in my life relates to flour tortillas. Please don't laugh. I know it sounds funny. Dave is half-Mexican. His grandmother is very, very Mexican. She makes homemade tortillas that are amazing. They are one of Dave's favorite foods. And I am a blue-eyed, blonde-haired girl from Ohio. Until I moved to Southern California 8 years ago, I thought real Mexican was Taco Bell (Please, please don't laugh at me!). I had no idea on how to make flour tortillas. I assumed I'd never learn how to make them but I Really wanted to.

A couple years ago, Dave's grandmother me the basic recipe for her flour tortillas and it's been saved in my phone all this time. Today, thanks to this challenge, I took the first step. I pulled out the recipe and tried to make flour tortillas. The key word here is tried. I failed miserably. I mean miserably. My flour tortillas were nothing like you expect. Thick and weird shaped. It was nothing like flour tortillas. It was sad.

I made them during nap and tossed them pretty quickly. When Dave came home we talked about it. He thinks I didn't roll them out enough. I honestly don't know what went wrong. But at least I made a step forward. I tried, I challenged my assumption that I'd never be able to make them. My next step, find someone to teach me.

Now for you, what goal have you attempted to meet this week?


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