Monday, January 3, 2011

My Never Ending List

Today I tackled my list of things that need done. I swear, the list is never-ending so it feels like I never get anything done, even when I do. I managed to deal with some issues with our cable bill, get quotes for auto insurance, get Beautiful G to school (this was a big deal, since I almost forgot she had school! Break messed me up!), work, and spend some time doing some preschool stuff with Sunshine, which fell by the wayside when Beautiful G was home.

I also learned what I need to add to my list. Grocery shopping, getting my hands on a copy of our renter's insurance bill so I can get a multi-policy discount, figure out why having my land line turned off netted me 3 phone calls after I said "turn it off now", more work, diversifying my work, getting an emergency kit made up, and getting more prep done for Sunshine's preschool stuff.

I guess the good news about having a never-ending list is that I'll always have something to do. I'm never bored, even if my list seems longer than the Great Wall of China.

I will share one thing I've learned about dealing with my list: DIN. Do It Now. As long as I'm not in the middle of something really important, if I remember something needs done on my list, I try to do it now. A lot of stuff doesn't take as long as I think it will and by doing it now, it shortens it even more (for example, if I clean the kitchen now, it means it will take less time than if I push it off to tomorrow morning, because by the time I get to it tomorrow morning, various family members will have made a bigger mess by then, giving me more work to do...)

What's your tip to shorten the never ending list?


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