Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Weight Thing

My weight problems reared their ugly little head today. I know, without a doubt, that I need to lose weight. I'm not stupid. But today I found myself twisting to reach for something in my room and I ended up staring at myself in the long mirrors on our closet door. I nearly cried. I couldn't believe how I looked. While I know I probably wasn't at the best angle, it was so hard to see myself in the mirror. My stomach has been the worst for years, but I looked at myself and saw just how much fat there was everywhere. It was honestly heart-breaking, knowing that I had all that hanging on me. It was just one more reminder that I need to do something about this and I need to do it fast.

Another big thing I did today was start "reading" The 4 Hour Work Week by Timothy Ferriss. I'm actually listening to an audio copy of it, but I count it as reading. Ferriss has a very interesting view of how to do things. His goal is to simplify things and purposely cut out the extras in our lives that we don't really want to do but believe we have to do. For example, he shows you how to work more effectively by changing certain habits in your life.

Ferriss's book is mainly for people who feel they have an abundance of work and very little time in their lives for personal gain. While I feel this in some way, I realize that as a SAHM, I have more time than the average person. Today, not counting blogging, I spent exactly 2 hours making money as a freelancer. That's it. I also have less than $50 to show for it. Instead of challenging me on how to give myself more time to do what I want to do (since I already have that), this book is challenging me to find ways to take the little time I already use and make it more profitable for myself. This doesn't make me feel pressured, but it does give me a sense that I want to do more. The book has really got me focused on my goals for the year and meeting them by utilizing the time I already have instead of wasting it on things that are not as important.

Ferriss brought up an interesting point, one I bring to you. If you only had 2 hours a day to work, what would you do with that time? Also, in what other areas of your life can you apply the same principle to?


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