Tuesday, February 8, 2011

No TV equals slower day?

I admit it, in the morning, the girls and I watch PBS. I don't turn on the TV until after breakfast/dressed and we only watch PBS or something educational on Netflix's Watch Instantly. I turn it off when it's time to get Beautiful G ready for school or on her days off, at lunch time. It equals a couple of hours, usually.

Today we haven't had the TV on at all. This is because Beautiful G and Sunshine currently have a disaster of a room and I refuse to turn on the TV for them until it's clean. While they aren't cleaning (they are playing. Supposedly, we'll clean it this afternoon before dinner. I say we'll see.) they are playing with lots of toys and I'm noticing something very interesting. The morning is going by about 10 times slower than normal. Normally I feel like I lost the entire morning and I don't know where it went. Today I'm sitting here thinking "Is it time to take Beautiful G to school yet?"

The other good news is that my kids aren't just staring at the TV or playing their Leapsters (educational video games. Also taken away until their room is clean.) They may not be exactly "learning anything" but they are using their vast imaginations which is just as important. They also aren't bugging me for something to do, which kinda surprises me since I usually have someone going "Momma, look at me! Mommy, help me with this! Mommy! Mom! Momma!"

It's Twilight Zone day and I think I like it.


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