Monday, March 14, 2011

Coupons are for Everyone

I've heard from several people lately that they don't use coupons because they don't buy the type of food that has coupons. While I can understand eating a fresh and healthy diet, I can tell you that there are coupons out there for everyone.

There are quite a few organic coupons on the market now. Companies like Muir Glen and Kashi regularly release coupons online. Seventh Generation, who makes green cleaning supplies, has coupons available. Earth's Best, who makes environmentally friendly baby supplies, has coupons. These are just a few examples. Check the websites of your favorite healthy/organic companies for coupons.

There are a lot of coupons for healthy, beauty and home supplies that most people use (about half of my coupon binder falls under the home and health categories). At CVS alone I've walked out of the store having made money on items like toothpaste, hair care, headache medicine, cold medicine and soap. I've paid less than a dollar for many more everyday items, like garbage bags, ziploc bags, vitamins, feminine care and laundry soap.

Even me, who doesn't claim to eat the healthiest diet in the world, would say that most of my food coupons aren't for junk food. I have coupons right now for juice, oats/oatmeal, condiments, soup, seasonings, whole wheat pasta, whole wheat bread, fruit preserves, baking supplies, grilled chicken, yogurt, cheese, milk, rice, beans, fruits, vegetables, baked chips, nuts and protein bars. Even if you skip the cookies, colorful cereal, soda and chocolate, there is a lot out there for you to use.

Coupons are available for everything and everyone. And they will save you money. Even if you don't save thousands every year, how about a few hundred? This is without buying anything spending money on junk OR on stuff that you don't already buy! I dare all my non-couponers to try it!


Jandy said...

I was pleased when your coupons saved me a couple bucks on makeup over the weekend.

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