Monday, March 14, 2011

Zone of the Week-The Bathrooms

I am a big fan of FlyLady. If you haven't heard of FlyLady, check out her site here. She's an expert on cleaning your house, especially if, like me, the house can seem overwhelming on a regular basis. One thing FlyLady does is have a "Zone" of the house to deep clean each week (instead of trying to do it all at once). It helps keep the little things in order so they don't take over 6 hours before your in-laws (or other important company) show up!

With that, I thought I'd post the Zone of the Week and show you my progress. This week is The Main Bathroom and Home Office (since we don't have a home office, except a desk in the corner of the living room, I'm going to substitute the second bathroom instead).

If you are interested in joining me, you can sign up for FlyLady's email list. Fair warning, you will get A LOT of email (she sends out tons of motivational emails daily). FlyLady always says to toss anything you won't use (because it's clutter) and that includes the emails. So I delete 95% of her emails without reading them.


Sara Thompson said...

I used to use Flylady and then life went to pot. I keep thinking it's time to pull her book back out and bring it back into our life. It's really a good system.

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