Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Let's Play the Match Game!

Yup, we're going to start playing the Match Game here on Mrs. Undomestic. No, this doesn't mean we're going to match up people I know (I'm sure all the single people are breathing a sigh of relief) nor am I looking for a Match (I found the best one in Dave, no need to look further!).


Instead, I'm going to start providing some coupon match ups for two stores here in Southern California, Stater Bros and Albertsons. I'm going to try to list the best deals I see, so there may be deals in the ad that I don't catch (for example, I don't know the best price for pet food, so it may be a fantastic deal and I completely ignore it!) or that I don't feel are low enough to mention. Because of this, I recommend you go over the ads yourself if you need something not on my list.

Also, I list the most common coupons available, the ones from the newspaper and the online printables. I don't list some of the special ones you can get in the mail or find in store because not everyone may have them. This means, like I often do, that you have a better coupon available in your stash then might be listed on here. So check your coupon book, especially before you print something out, it will save you ink and paper!

The final warning for our match game is this: These two stores are for Southern California ONLY! For Stater Bros this isn't just a big deal, since they are a regional chain. Albertsons, on the other hand, is a national chain with different ads for different regions. This covers Southern California. It doesn't cover Northern California, Idaho, Arizona, New Mexico or any other place besides Southern California. So if your local ad doesn't match what I have, you probably don't live in Southern California and this won't help you.

And one last note to help (I'm getting to be as bad as Paul in all the letters he writes in the Bible!), Check Out my Coupon Code page, which will help you better understand how to read my (or anyone else's) coupon match ups!


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