Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Why you Should give out your email address, but not just any old email address

I was reminded once again why I give out my email address to every company out there. I got an email this morning from Albertsons, which gave me a 15% off coupon to their store brands, which matches perfectly with a store brand sale they are having this week!

Many companies will send you coupons in your email if you sign up for their email list. These coupons are often high value or something that you won't get in your local paper/general coupon sites. I have walked away with some amazing coupons simply because I was willing to list my email.

But here's the caveat. Don't use your regular email address. Well, you can, but expect to have a lot more email to wade through! Personally, I have an email address that is specifically for coupons and deals. I check it daily like my regular email, but it's when I have time and it's OK usually to sit for a few days if I don't. I don't always get an amazing coupon from an email I open and sometimes I don't get any coupon at all, but when the good ones show up, it's worth the email, I promise!

If you want to set up a coupon-only email, I suggest using one of the many free online emails available (Yahoo! and Gmail are the most common). For a name, I suggest something like first initial last name coupons (in this example, I would be jgonzalescoupons@(email).com). Mostly, it needs to be something you'll remember and associate with your coupons. Once that's done, every time you sign up for something that offers to send you coupons, simply list that email instead of your regular one. It saves you some clutter in your main email and it allows you to get lots of coupons you can use.

So have at it and make a coupon email!


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