Friday, April 8, 2011

Sometimes I get Domestic

And today was one of those rare days.

This morning I went to 5 different stores and the bank (and only spent $85 between all 5). While I rarely hit that many at a time, I had small purchases to make at all the drugstores and there is an intersection near Beautiful G's school with all 3 AND my bank, so we literally hit every corner of the intersection, driving in what was essentially a circle. I followed it up with a trip to Stater Bros and Albertsons. The best part, in my mind anyway, was that my biggest expense was Stater Bros (at $42) and my lowest was $1 (Rite Aid.)

Once I got home, I got bit by the random (and for me, it's truly random) urge to clean my room. Technically it had been brewing in my head for awhile, since I told Dave a couple weeks ago I wanted the plastic bins he wasn't using so I could organize my closet.

And clean I did! I now have 3 empty drawers under my bed (stockpile, anyone?). I also don't have anything on my headboard and only a few things (that belong there) on my dresser. It's a miracle and I am happy.

I also cleaned the kitchen, including my dumping ground. You know the spot where you put everything that you'll "get to later"? Yeah, that's the end of my kitchen counter. It gets filled with papers, weekly ads for stores, letters, and schoolwork. I finally did a massive overhaul there today and it looks like a regular place instead of Mt. Paper Explosion.

The best part? I did it all while Beautiful G was in school. What I didn't do was work on any posts for you guys, so this is probably it for today. Don't worry, we'll have more tomorrow!


sweet european dreams said...

I'm loving your quote, "learning Home EC on the go". That is SO me! I love home decor & cooking, but when it comes to cleaning and organization, I'm domestically challenged! I found you today via the massive UBParty. Following now! -diane

Nancy said...

It feels great when something gets accomplished around the house! It's a never ending battle though!
I'm a new follower from the hop. Hope you can hop by and visit me:

Melanie said...

I love when things get finished around the house, but with four kids things end up stopping, starting again, stopping, starting, over and over till I'm just..blaaaaah. Sleepy. LOL :) It gets done sooner or later ;-)
Following from the Monday Blog hop!
Melanie @ MySideOfLife

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