Monday, June 20, 2011

All You

If you read the coupon match ups, you will noticed sprinkled throughout is a mention of All You. So what is All You and how can you get it (and the coupons?)

All You, simply, is a magazine! But it's not just any magazine, it's a magazine designed around coupons and saving money. All magazines have ads, but All You has coupons with their ads. The magazine having about $50-$100 worth of coupons total and they are all manufacturer's coupons.

If you are into couponing, then this is a pretty cool magazine to get your hands on. It comes out monthly and there are only two ways to get it. One is to get a subscription (You can sign up for a subscription a lot of places, like All You (1-year auto-renewal) at Amazon or going to the All You website. For price comparision purposes, you save $0.03 a year if you go through the All You website).

The other way is to buy it at Walmart. No, you can't go anywhere else. While I don't understand all the mechanics of it, I do know that Walmart has exclusive rights to sell it at the retail level. It costs $2.50 per issue at Walmart.

I started buying it at Walmart and found that it was worth it for me to switch to a subscription. Personally, I like magazine and get a lot valuable coupons plus some worthwhile information from the articles. If you are interested, I suggest picking up a copy at Walmart to start and seeing if you will use it enough to get a subscription.



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